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Bring people together in a digital space that’s unique, awesome, and yours

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Getting your site running is as easy as completing signup. We set everything up, then hand you the keys

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Add presenters, events, exhibitors and more to build the digital gathering place of your dreams

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With no fixed overhead costs, every ticket you sell is revenue straight to your bottom line

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When the big event rolls around, we’re right there with you to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, as easy as pie… or jam



Access everything Rambajam has to offer — and only pay for the number of folks who attend


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The conference platform surpassed all of our expectations. We were able to provide our community with a quality virtual event experience that was both customizable and easy to navigate. This platform allowed us to offer new ways of building relationships, achieving professional development, and delivering content. Behind the scenes, our team built skill and confidence through working with the team behind Rambajam.

Margaret Matijasevic

Executive Director, National Coalition for Catechetical Leadership

Looking at the site, I have tears in my eyes... the little Diocese of Boise has this. We have been able to provide our ministers with this amazing virtual conference. The site is gorgeous. We've got great content that is so easy to access. People were so happy with the experience. And everyone on the Rambajam team was so easy to work with.

Jackie Hopper

Diocese of Boise

Building the perfect digital gathering place was never easy. until now.

Design Your Own Way

We give you the reins, so your conference feels unique and special to all its attendees. From fonts and colors to logos and layouts, this is your house. Craft it into the big tent/gathering hub/party dome it was always meant to be (we’ll help).

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Never Break Your Budget

Get full access to all the power of a fully-operational conference battle station… uh, website, without spending thousands up front. Our pricing is 100% from ticket sales, meaning your budget will always be on target.

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Focus on Connection

While the draw for a conference can be great speakers, incredible events, or even some sweet sweet perks, the real thing that brings people together is just that—other people. With lounges, workshops, and live chat, Rambajam puts meeting other people front and center.

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Grow with Confidence

Let’s be honest, not everyone has attended—let alone run—a digital conference before. But we’re with you every step of the way, from ideation to wrap-up, offering robust technical support, a scalable platform, and walkthroughs for each piece of the puzzle

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A unique space for your community

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Not all conferences are alike

It’s not enough to collect the price of admission and usher people into Yet Another Bland Video Call. Your community has interests, connections, and desires that make them different from any other—and your conference needs to reflect that. We help you build a unique, special place in the digital world that will welcome them home.

Add features without adding cost

When you only pay for attendees that sign up, your bottom line is rock solid. No matter what the scale of your conference, get access to a custom, personal site that feels unique and special while having all the robustness, reliability, and special features of a top-tier professional platform.

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Showcase the people who make this happen

From exhibitors to presenters to participants, Rambajams are about the people. We build the human part of every page first, and help users connect to one another, share thoughts and ideas, and learn about the many projects and organizations that support (and make up) your community.

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Hangout spaces for everyone

Create lounges and integrate them with your Zoom account to allow attendees to meet others at the conference, trade thoughts and ideas, and make the personal connections that truly matter.

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Build human connections

Attendees have the opportunity to build their own profile, which they can share with other attendees, feature on forums, and opt-in to be featured on event pages they’re attending.

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Showcase your supporters

With customizable exhibitor pages and modules that can be embedded on every part of your site, you can ensure the people who helped make this happen get the visibility they deserve.

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Need something more?

Our team can provide custom work to build out unique modules, features, and designs to give your conference that extra “oh snap!” factor, and make it even more personal and unique to your community.

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Never run a digital conference before? We’re here to help

You won’t be alone while you’re pulling this together—you’ll have all the skills and experience of the FruitJam team at your back. Whether you’re totally new to this (most folks are!), or a savvy pro looking to up your skills and final product, we’re in this all the way to the finish line.

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  • Guides and walkthroughs
  • Intuitive backend interface
  • 24-hour support response time

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